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Conversations with a retired Drug Dealer

Last night as I was sitting at my coffee shop, booting up my laptop. A Bagger in the corner was ranting.

Q: What is a “Bagger”?

A: A bagger is a homeless person who carries with them more things than can be fit into a bag and a carry-on suitcase. The three problems with bagging is that 1. It limits you mobility. 2. It makes you stand out as homeless. and 3. Your energy is drained protecting your property.

While some baggers can function on a high level I think that bagging is a sign of defeat. It is dangerous for a homeless person to get attached to material things. One must always push forwards. It is only those who have stopped living in the present that can afford the luxury of physical possessions.

Sitting at one of the tables was a black family. The father blinged out but looking respectable with a cropped graying beard, the mother dressed is such a way as to seem a cross between a long black overcoat and an Abaya.  The girl maybe 10 maybe 12 modern dress with jeans. The father was making conversation with those around him in the typical way that someone with street smarts does.

I wasn’t really paying attention, I had bought some food from the supermarket and was making myself a sandwich. It was only after i started eating when I started listening.

“Young people, this is your world.” he said, “Nothing can stop you”. “You know how to use that, Right?” he continued pointing to my laptop. “Everything is so open, people can make money on the internet. the world is at you fingertips”

“When I was young I made it, I walked 4.2 miles to my spot every day, made 2-7 grand a day, I saved up that money and  after a year I had a million dollars. It’s all about saving money. I been done this business in 11 years, no wait.. honey..” he continues, “I’ve been square for 11 years plus i did 6, so 17 years. I live in (Very_Nice_Part_of_Town) i got a 3 bedroom crib with a pool. Its all about saving money.”

“Let me tell you about todd…” The clerk cuts in, “you know about todd?”, “ya i know about todd”, the conversation digresses.

Back on track, “so todd was homeless, he used wipe the windows. every day he would go around an ask if he could wipe the windows. Now he’s got a company and 17 people under him we wipes the window for here all the way down to (_Halfway_Across_Town_)”

“Let me tell you about Channel, she saved up her money. She bought a foreclosed home. She put in fifteen hundred. She flipped it for a hundred-twenty. Now she rents out 12 houses for 12 grand a month. She used work at the hotel across the street”

Moral of the story: Sell drugs and Save your Money


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