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How to “Get Square” and Retire

Listen Cat, I know you been saving that money, me to. You might be thinking, I want to get square, me to.  You might be thinking, I got enough bread (sound of record scratch). Hold up.

Rule Number 1:

More Money = More Money

Let me break it down, you NEVER got enough.

Rule Number 2:

You can take a Gangster out the Game but you can’t take the Game out the Gangster. 

Getting square ain’t easy, shit you got to put up with make a fool want to get down.

Rule Number 3:

Bitches like it Bad

This is the truth. You want pussy, cap a motherfucka, You want free blowjobs, pack the heat, Show up dressed to die and she be letting you stick it where she want it.

Rule Number 4:

There is only one way out.

Death is the final exit. Let me make this profound. If your finished living life there ain’t no where else to go. Once you taste blood the square life is not an option. If your done so be it. Spend your money and go out like a thug. There is no picket fence for you and me. Only living and dying.

Make your choice.


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