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The Ten Commandments

1. There is no God.

God couldn’t give a shit about you. If you live or die that’s your choice. If you go insane or kill yourself nobody will care. You are completely alone.

2. Own what you can carry.

One backpack, that’s  it.

3. Keep your Mind Sharp. Keep your Body Hard.

Read Books, Work out. Think, Spar.

4. Your rest spot is sacred, keep it safe.

Never let anybody know where you sleep. Never.

5. You have no Family. You have no Friends.

Everyone will fuck you if they get the chance. Never Show Weakness. Never show pain. Keep your back to a wall. Never let anybody see the money.

6. Hide the bodies.

Cover up your crimes. Never tell anybody. Tie up lose ends. Tie rocks to the bodies and dump them in the lake. Don’t talk about it. Always have an alibi. Lawyer up.

7.  Fuck Bitches

Its keeps you healthy. Human beings need Intimacy. It is what humans were designed for. Its feels good.

8. Plan before you Steal

Have a plan. Have an exit. Have a plan B. Look at risk and reward. Keep the circle closed.

9. Keep Low Key

There is no justice. There is no leniency. The system is rigged against you. Stay off the grid. Keep away from the Cops.

10. Keep tabs on everybody.

How much money they have. Who they keep close. Strengths and Weaknesses. Act like they’re friends. Make them competition.

This post is dedicated to Biggie Smalls: Rest in Peace


2 responses to “The Ten Commandments

  1. observingmen ⋅

    A design for life! Thanks, fella!

  2. Silver ⋅

    Dude – Just an FYI for ya… you are barely 2 weeks old on ZH. I have seen blog spammers like you come and go. ZH will punt your account to the curb if you keep spamming your blog links.
    Just a friendly FYI. No harm, no foul.

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