The Ten Commandments

1. There is no God.

God couldn’t give a shit about you. If you live or die that’s your choice. If you go insane or kill yourself nobody will care. You are completely alone.

2. Own what you can carry.

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How to “Get Square” and Retire

Listen Cat, I know you been saving that money, me to. You might be thinking, I want to get square, me to.  You might be thinking, I got enough bread (sound of record scratch). Hold up.

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Winter Shoes

It is important, in order to preserve the illusion of American Exceptionalism, to maintain the poor in this country are far better off than that of the best of the 3rd world. It is easy for someone to discount the struggle of surviving on the streets, begging for food and sleeping in the cold. Allow me to share the story of my Winter Shoes. Continue reading

Banking for Bums and Huslers

This post is dedicated to all the close minded bitches. I know your out there. Fuck you.

Saving Money. Tough Shit. When your out on the streets hustling making your bread you feel a certain rush. When you count your change a smile creeps across your face. I know it, You know it. Why the fuck are we still stuck here then? What keeps us wallowing in the ghetto when we could be living in a loft with a hooker on our dick?

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The Vagrant Lifestyle

The condition of an individual who is idle, has no visible means of support, and travels from place to place without working.

     These days my life revolves around the public library and some late-night WiFi-enabled coffee shops. My routine, well i don’t really have a routine.  My goal, well I’m working on my chess rating. I am working through Back to Basics: Openings by Carsten Hansen. You can download a pirated copy here . I am writing this blog for me, to flesh out ideas and regurgitate rote chess openings and tactics, and for the public, to understand the world I live in. I read and comment on the alt-news website ZeroHedge and so I may write on some of the subjects discussed there.

That all there is to it,

           Musashi Miyamoto